Top Reasons To Send Flowers

Flowers are one of nature’s greatest beauties, and people have been gathering them, arranging them, and giving them as gifts since ancient times. In fact, the first evidence of flower arranging was found in Egypt and dates from 2,500 B.C. All around the world, people use flowers not just as decorations but as tokens of affection. The following are some of the most popular reasons for sending flowers today.

To Say “I Love You”

According to professional florists, the most common reason for Flower delivery in Katy, TX is to express romantic love. Red roses are the most popular symbol of love, but people also choose flowers according to their loved one’s tastes. Bouquets of wildflowers are also popular, though less traditional, as well as exotic flowers that make a statement. In the past, flowers were sent almost exclusively by men to women, but that tradition is changing. Nowadays, anyone can send flowers as a romantic gesture to someone they love.

To Say “I’m Sorry”

Some people have an especially hard time saying the words “I’m sorry” out loud, so they express their apology with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Since the color white is associated with purity and humility, white flowers like lilies and white roses are popular choices for apology bouquets. Yellow flowers like daisies can represent the desire to warm up a relationship, whether friendship or a romantic relationship. Sweet-smelling hyacinths are another good choice to sweeten a bad feeling between two people.

To Offer Condolences

Flowers are a very common way to honor the memory of someone who has died, and the presence of flowers at the funeral home and grave site are visual reminders of the love and respect the deceased earned throughout his or her life. Lilies are one of the most popular choices for funeral flower arrangements, along with gladioli and chrysanthemums. Some people prefer to send live plants that family members can take and keep as a living reminder of the deceased.

To Brighten Someone’s Day

Flowers don’t have to convey a specific message. In fact, many people who order Katy flower delivery just want to brighten the day for someone in their life, whether that person is a family member, a friend, or even someone more distant like a co-worker or neighbor. Sending flowers is a simple and easy way to make someone happy. The best flowers to send for no special reason are flowers that don’t have a strong association with romance. Carnations, tulips, daisies, and wildflowers all make lovely, friendly bouquets to give to anyone for any reason.


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